[ECOS] Re: Cygwin mount mode still need to be text for eCos?

Grant Edwards grante@visi.com
Thu Jan 8 22:43:00 GMT 2009

On 2009-01-08, John Dallaway <john@dallaway.org.uk> wrote:

>>>   http://sourceware.org/ml/ecos-discuss/2008-09/msg00071.html
>>> For this reason, I will continue to recommend Cygwin text-mode
>>> for eCos.
>> Rats.  I guess I've got to decide what I want to be broken.
> For avoidance of doubt, you can arrange for both text-mode and
> binary-mode file hierarchies to co-exist on one PC using the
> Cygwin "mount" command.

That sounds like a good option.  The goal is to

  1) Figure out a scheme so that the user doesn't have to do
     anything except click "next" and "finish" during the
     Cygwin install.  Requiring anything else always causes

  2) Cause as little breakage in Cygwin stuff as possible.  For
     example, "patch" doesn't seem to work if the temp
     directory it's using is mounted in textmode.  There are
     probably other gotchas like that that I don't know about,
     so the less I deviate from a bog-standard Cygwin install
     the better.

Do both the eCos repository and the eCos build directory need
to be text-mode?

If one has a pre-built eCos "install" tree, is there anything
in the application build/link stage that would require a
textmode mount?  [I don't think there's any TCL involved once
eCos itself has been built.]

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