[ECOS] Re: Pointer to multilib configuration docs?

Grant Edwards grante@visi.com
Mon Jan 5 16:25:00 GMT 2009

On 2009-01-05, Ilija Kocho <ilijak@siva.com.mk> wrote:

> Couple of years ago I built Gnu tools for big endian ARM (on Linux)
> following instructions from eCos web page.

Right.  Those instructions are the ones that add so many
multilib options that it takes forever to build.

> Unfortunately I'm not sure if I can find patched sources on some old
> machine but I have binaries that I copied to several machines and still
> use them.
> A hint: I recall it was before GCC 4 so I guess i compiled them with GCC
> 3.4.

That's another good point: you can't build gcc 3.2.1 using gcc
4, you have to have a gcc 3 compiler to build gcc 3.2.1.

Then of course there's all the usual Cygwing breakage thrown in
on top of that...

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