[ECOS] Re: arm-elf toolchain doesn't work?

Grant Edwards grante@visi.com
Sun Jan 4 17:43:00 GMT 2009

On 2009-01-04, Grant Edwards <grante@visi.com> wrote:
> I just installed the Cygwin arm-elf toolchains using 
>   ecos-install.tcl --tools-only
> The gcc binary doesn't appear to be working.  Invoking
> "arm-elf-gcc --version" produces no output and returns with an
> exit code of 53.
> Any ideas where one can get an arm-elf toolchain for eCos 2.0
> that will work with recent installs of Cygwin?

I also tried manually downloading and untarring


Same results as before. arm-elf-as, arm-elf-ld both both appear
to work fine, but arm-elf-gcc and arm-elf-g++ do nothing.

Does one need to build from sources to get a toolchain that
works for recent cygwin installs?  Or is there an "official"
eCos cygwin snapshot somewhere that one is supposed to use with
the downloaded toolchains?

[Have I mentioned yet how much I hate trying to work under


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