[ECOS] Testing eCos 3.0 beta 1 on STM3210E-EVAL board.

Chris Holgate chris@zynaptic.com
Tue Feb 24 17:23:00 GMT 2009

All the following STM32 tests worked as expected - although I had to use
the 'net' template because 'all' wouldn't fit into RAM!

The automated install worked for me, as did the configtool package
import and the built-in help which told me how to implement it.

The one configtool quirk I did notice was that while trying to run the
tests from the GUI, they would occasionally fail with 'file not found'.
 This is all new to me, since i usually use GDB from the command line.
The only file I can think of which 'comes and goes' in this way would be
/dev/ttyS0 - or more specifically the lock on it - so I was wondering if
this behaviour may be caused by GDB not releasing /dev/ttyS0 properly
between tests.  Is this something anyone else has seen?


Chris Holgate wrote:
> Hi folks,
> I'm just about to grab the beta release to test on the STM3210E-EVAL
> target.  My host OS is OpenSuse 11.0 (x86-64).  I plan to run all the
> standard tests via remote serial GDB using the RAM memory layout and a
> new Redboot build generated from the beta release code.
> In addition to running the standard tests I plan to do the following
> board specific tests:
> 1) Simple SPI loopback tests for SPI bus 2 and SPI bus 3.
> 2) M25Pxx SPI flash soak test using SPI bus 1.
> 3) Test external interrupts (single pin only) using a custom add-on
> board which I happen to have.
> In addition, I've been working on a USB driver which obviously wasn't
> ready for this release.  Since the obvious thing to do is release it as
> an add-on package when it is ready, I'm going to try and package up what
> I've currently got to test the following:
> 4) The configtool package import flow.
> 5) The USB register map in the proposed release.
> 6) My ability to understand the instructions on how to create a new
> package(!).
> Chris.

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