[ECOS] Redboot run image issues

Chris Zimman czimman@bloomberg.com
Mon Feb 23 03:30:00 GMT 2009

> Whereas, when i load and runthe same redboot.bin from an existing
> working version of "redboot.bin " in RAM, i get the following
> : It gets stuck after printing "phys_addr=0x80100000" on the serial
> console. I am guessing something somewhere is wrong in the memory
> location but i am not sure where to start with. Would it be a problem
> with the linker script, mlt file or something else?
> ARe there other files in the HAL i need to look into? WHat actuallly
> happens when "LaunchRunIMage" in the redboot code  is invoked??

That's not going to work because the Redboot code isn't relocatable like
that.  Like you can't just load it and launch it from any location.  If I
understood you right, you're trying to launch a ROM or ROMRAM image from
within Redboot.  This is probably not what you want.

You can configure a Redboot image to be launched from RAM, but this is
generally not necessary unless you're doing special things (eg. replacing a
Reboot ROM mode image, etc.)

Beyond that, without seeing what's going on in the HAL setup
(hal_platform_setup.h), it's difficult to guess which of any number of things
it may be tromping over that could cause it to hang.

I'm still missing what it is that you're ultimately trying to do here.


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