[ECOS] Implementing new redboot serial - help needed

mukund jampala mukund.redboot@gmail.com
Wed Feb 18 19:32:00 GMT 2009

Hi Guys,

I am working on the Intel IXP435 chipset evaluation boards running
redboot->linux.The redboot is up and running fine on this board.

The board does not have an serial port at redboot level to download
linux kernel.
So, I did this. IXP435 has a EHCI complaint USB Device on it.
usb-serial is the idea.
I write a complete OS independent USB EHCI host driver and stack +
serial class driver, tested it on Linux on the same Eval Board. It
works fine.
Now I would like to port the code to redboot.

The question is about the approach I should take.
I am a newbie to redboot. I am ending up in a clueless situation here.
I read lots of docs. Understood couple of things about redboot which
is still not enough to make a decision of how to go from here.

With what I understand, I have this in mind. please suggest me if I
can do it any better:
1. Find out a way in which the 'console' can be integrated with a serial device.
2. Implement a second console parallel to existing console (currently
hooked to in-board serial device). Not sure if it is going to take too
much of work. ????
3. Use the existing console for dumping messages while porting the USB
code to redboot.
4. Port usb code to redboot (may need to do the hal setup, pin
settings, DMA settings). figure this out.
5. Integrate the second console with usb code to try communication
over it with with a hyper terminal or serial app running on Linux.

Please suggest me the best approach possible.

I would really appreciate if some one helps me on this.
The stack I wrote is truly OS independent, I hope it would help couple
of others. Please help me on this.

Mukund Jampala

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