[ECOS] HELP:Error compiling cpp helloworld program

vibisreenivasan vibi_sreenivasan@cms.com
Mon Feb 16 06:43:00 GMT 2009

hello Ross,
	thanks for your reply
thanks & regards

On Fri, 2009-02-13 at 11:44 +0000, Ross Younger wrote:
> vibisreenivasan wrote:
> > 	i was trying to compile a cpp application with ecos.
> > 	i got the following errors.
> The public eCos project only includes support for the basic C++ language
> (classes and user-written templates). libstdc++ is not supported: you cannot
> use exceptions, RTTI, STL, nor iostream or other C++ language headers.
> eCosPro includes support for libstdc++.
> Ross

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