[ECOS] at91sam9263ek support ver. beta 2

Evgeniy Dushistov dushistov@mail.ru
Thu Feb 5 13:39:00 GMT 2009


here is updated version of series of patches to support at91sam9263ek.
I recieved and signed papers from fsf and I hope in near future they recive them.

High level changes:
- as discussed earlier, there is now arm7 package, and all variants of at91 use it,
and at91sam9 uses arm9
- there is now romram startup, so it is possible to program nor flash, press reset and you see
redboot message during next power on

Here is link to patches with description.

This patch introduces arm7 package, now all at91 variants are based on arm7 package.
So it is now possible to introduce another at91 variant based on arm9.
And hal_cache.h and so on stuff will be used from these package:


Change default delay in getting character via serial line method,
to correctly handle 115200 baudrate case:


This patch separate board's pio layout.
Extract each variant of pio's layout to separate header file:

Move common for arm9 code for work with mmu into common header (var_mmu.h):

hal package for at91sam9263ek and at91sam9.
 Support only starting from ram, and output to dbgu port.
 	- ecos library + hello world working.
 	- starting redboot using jtag
 	- starting redboot from flash using at91bootstrap
 Changes from previous version:
 - add romram and jtag variants of startup


implement support of pio interrupts in the way as ordinal interrupts work:

Support atmel norflash that possible to install on  at91sam9263-ek board:

can support for at91sam9263ek:

Any comments?

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