[ECOS] NAND framework

Andrew Lunn andrew@lunn.ch
Thu Aug 20 04:31:00 GMT 2009

Hi Folks

Its time to address the issue of which NAND framework we will include
into eCos. This has been dragging on for a while, far too long, and is
hindering the adoption of NAND in eCos. So three of the most
independent eCos maintainers, John Dallaway, Gary Thomas and myself,
have come to an agreement about the way forward.

The issue is thorny because there is no clear technically superior
solution. Neither VU/Rutgers nor eCosCentric/Ross implementation is
clearly better than the other. So the decision is more philosophical
than technical.

We have chosen to include Rutger Hofman's implementation. 

Right from the very start Rutger did all the right things, in terms of
a developing a piece of software for an open source community
project. He posted his intention to write a NAND framework. He posted
his proposed APIs and accepted feedback, participated in discussion
and made changes which resulted from the discussion. He has posted
his code early and often and it has been used in at least two projects
we know of. As maintainers this is the style of development we must
support and encourage.

eCoscentric's solution is not without merit and eCosCentric have
consistently shown they produce high quality solutions for eCos. We
really hope that this decision does not discourage eCosCentric from
making further valuable contributions to eCos.

Hopefully the code will be committed to CVS in the next few days. As
always, everybody is welcome to contribute improvements in the form of


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