[ECOS] Problem executing anything on IXP425 based board, redboot is the bootloader

Gary Thomas gary@mlbassoc.com
Wed Aug 19 18:53:00 GMT 2009

Ajit Mittal wrote:
> Ihave a board with total RAM of 32 MB, 2 chips of 16  MB each. It has
> 8 MB flash.
> It has redboot bootloader and platform is IXP425 processor
> Booting is fine. I am able to load the program fine to memory but
> executing gives me an error grabage output on serial output after
> executing go or exec command like this
> "$T050f:01000000;0d:01fc0fec;#d6". I think memory/interrupt of
> the board is bad. How to test RAM.

This is not garbage; it's RedBoot telling you that there is
a problem executing the code.  This is a GDB protocol string.
You could try connecting via GDB to find out why (search the archives)

> If suppose RAM is bad. Is it possible to modify redboot and burn it again and
> then use only 16MB RAM.If yes how to do that or how to troubleshoot.

More importantly, tell us how you configured eCos to build
this program.  What steps did you use to load & execute it
(the actual RedBoot commands and the output when you run them).

Without this level of detail, we'd just be guessing...

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