[ECOS] Re: How to run ECO 3.0 on STM32

kishore Srimat kishorestp@gmail.com
Wed Aug 5 22:22:00 GMT 2009

Hi John and Chris,

Thanks guys, I am really thankful to you. John, thanks for being so
patient in answering my dumb questions. I could run the test examples
I am not still out of questions yet :)

Well I would like to know the way to add Simon's lwIP 1.3.0 which i
downloaded. Is there a procedure to take out the old lwIP and add the
new Simon's lwIP ?

I see the lwIP folder and also a ecos database file. So I thought its
a good idea to ask ecos experts here.

My goal is to run the Raw HTTP server example using lwIP 1.3.0(Simon's port).

Best Regards
Kishore Srimat

On Tue, Aug 4, 2009 at 4:54 AM, Chris Holgate<chris@zynaptic.com> wrote:
> Hi Kishore,
> kishore Srimat wrote:
>> I tried to run with gdb but i constantly getting this error "Program
>> recieved signal  SIGBUS, bus error". And some times it freezes at the
>> "Continuing".
> Generally speaking, you should interpret the SIGBUS error the same way
> as a UNIX segmentation fault - ie, you're trying to read or write to an
> area of memory which is not there.
> There is an extra quirk with the STM32 in that you can see similar
> errors if the DMA controller attempts to access off-chip memory.  You
> will see this if you are doing a default RAM based build and enabling
> the SPI drivers without specifying a suitable DMA bounce buffer.
>> I tried to reset the board as it was suggested before running the
>> example but no use. Any thoughts people ? Does anybody seen similar
>> error ?
> If it's not the SPI driver / DMA controller causing the error then the
> chances are it's a null pointer dereference or similar bug in your
> application.  Try setting a breakpoint on cyg_user_start and take it
> from there.
> Chris.

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