[ECOS] Re: where's the printf output?

Jeffrey Krasky jkrasky@cs.umn.edu
Mon Apr 27 21:00:00 GMT 2009

> There is talk about that you need either a real target (in an example
> that's some abstract ARM evolution board) or the synthetic linux target
> which can "emulate" the real one on the _linux_ hosts only.

I need to get the words clear. By "real target" you mean something like a 
board with some company's microprocessor on it, such as Atmel? (I mention 
Atmel since a previous post today talks about AT91SAM7X256.) And by 
"synthentic target" you mean that I would have a Linux machine set up to 
emulate a board, and then I could eventually take the code from the Linux 
to the board itself?

Is my understanding correct?

If so, maybe eCos is not for me? I want to run an app on a Windows XP 
machine and I want to get some sort of RT behavior. Maybe I've had a 
misunderstanding of what eCos is for.

Please comment if possible.



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