[ECOS] Re: "Plug-and-play" networking in eCos

Tarmo Kuuse tarmo.kuuse@mail.ee
Wed Apr 22 13:36:00 GMT 2009

Tarmo Kuuse wrote:
> I wish to add basic "plug-and-play" networking to an eCos device. It 
> should be a fairly standard task in network-enabled embedded devices. 
> All users would like to hook their stuff to a network and access the UI 
> by typing "mydevice" into a browser.

No replies. Apparently plug-and-play is not hip with eCos developers :)

> The ancient NetBIOS protocol specifies how a host auto-assigns a name 
> and resolves name queries into it's own IP. Newer solutions have emerged 
> these days (zeroconf's mDNS) but it is not implemented in older systems 
> (such as WinXP).

FYI: there exists an embeddable SMB server called AzSmb (GPL):

First impression: lean but functional (does name resolution, 
authentication and file sharing). Code is nicely structured, readable 
and commented. A bit of general & API documentation exists.

Currently supported OS is On-Time RTOS-32 (and Linux, and Windows). 
However, code is simple C++ (no exceptions or STL) and calls to 
underlying system are all wrapped. It needs only threads, TCP/IP stack, 
malloc, file system. Porting to eCos might not be difficult.

Maybe this helps people save some effort in future. I'll just try to 
hack together a minimal NMB name broadcast, because that's all I need 
(and I don't know enough about eCos to do any serious porting).

Kind regards,
Tarmo Kuuse

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