[ECOS] eCos on MPC8313

RONETIX - Ilko Iliev iliev@ronetix.at
Wed Apr 22 08:14:00 GMT 2009

Hello Andrew,

Andrew Lunn wrote:
>> Did somebody make a comparison of the network performance of eCos and Linux?
> In general, eCos is slower. eCos has different aims to Linux. eCos is
> an RTOS, and so does not want the TCP/IP stack, which by definition is
> none real time, from upsetting the real time behaviour. So eCos tries
> to do most of the networking in threads, where as Linux has it in the
> kernel. By placing networking in threads, they can be preempted by
> higher priority real time work. However this introduces overheads,
> which slows down performance.
I'm not sure if the real time behavior is a reason for slower networking 
if the CPU is not under heavy-duty.


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