[ECOS] printf and diag_printf go to nowhere

Edgar Grimberg edgar.grimberg@zylin.com
Wed Apr 15 07:45:00 GMT 2009

Robert Brusa wrote:
> This little serial example program. Compiled, linked downloaded with 
> BDI all ok. But I can not start it with BDI/telnet go 0. Hell and 
> death - just before I did just this!
Are you sure that execution is supposed to start at address 0x0 ? If 
it's a ROM application, try go 0x00100000 (I believe that's the starting 
point for your target).
Also, another thing that might confuse you is the configuration script 
for BDI. It will set up the target CPU to a state that is different than 
the one you get without the BDI. When I write applications that are 
supposed to start up the board (ROM startup type), I use a stripped down 
version of the config file, that will not touch the configuration 
registers in the CPU.
> However, when disconnecting BDI and switching power on, the program 
> launches and works correctly. Putting the JTAG connector back into its 
> place, reseting the BDI via telnet, I can now start the program using 
> go 0. But only once. etc. In short, it seemed to be unstable and I 
> gave in switched everything off and went home.
This looks like the configuration script kicking in :)


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