[ECOS] printf and diag_printf go to nowhere

Robert Brusa bob.brusa@gmail.com
Sat Apr 11 15:16:00 GMT 2009

When running the example serial.c that comes with ecos-3.0, I get no  
output on the serial i/f of my AT91SAMX512-based board. I am using a  
configuration where I have enabled hardware drivers for ser0 and ser1 and  
disabled ser2 (see attachment).

serial performs a lookup for /dev/haldiag - and fails. In fact, this  
string is not present in my configurations ecc-file. What I find there is:  
/dev/ttydiag. But when changing haldiag to ttydiag, the result is the  
same: No output on ser0 or ser1.

On the other hand, when changing to /dev/ser0 or /dev/ser1, I get this  
particular line on the ser0 or ser1 interface - as expected. But all other  
output generated by printf-statements still is "unvisible". Is this a bug  
or do I get something wrong?
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