[ECOS] arm-eabi -> Interrupt vector not free

Szentirmai Gergely reg@t-online.hu
Fri Apr 10 21:17:00 GMT 2009


Previously I used arm-elf-gcc, but any time I try to get arm-eabi alive 
I get this this message imidiately after reset:

<1>intr.cxx[506]void Cyg_Interrupt::attach() Interrupt vector not free.
ASSERT FAIL: <1>intr.cxx            [ 506] void Cyg_Interrupt::attach() 
  Interrupt vector not free.

There is no message like this when I compile things with elf (two 
changes, command prefix= arm-elf-gcc, and Build for eabi = false (it is 
done automatically)). The ecos config, and sources are the same. There 
is only one main.c, which would send hello world to the diag port. 
(works perfectly with elf). Nothing to do with interrupts.

This message was discussed here:

But my ecos source (latest from CVS) behaves like this.

Any ideas? Maybe this magic build for eabi switch does something wrong?

Gergely Szentirmai

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