[ECOS] Re: arm SPI1 cdl bugfix, new variant support

John Dallaway john@dallaway.org.uk
Fri Apr 10 09:06:00 GMT 2009

vibisreenivasan wrote:

> On Wed, 2009-04-08 at 14:39 +0100, John Dallaway wrote:
>> Szentirmai Gergely wrote:
>>> What is the right way to post my changes?
>> Contributions are best made as attachments in Bugzilla. Create a new
>> Bugzilla report and set the component field to "Patches and
>> contributions".
> Cant we use ecos-patches mailing list to send patches.
> In fact i have send a patch for adding I2C support for AT91 H/W.

I prefer using Bugzilla because it keeps all correspondence in one
place, but posting contributions to the ecos-patches list should also
work. One of the maintainers will review your patch in due course.

Thank you for your contribution

John Dallaway

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