[ECOS] Re: Fw: Redboot flash config variables

Gary Thomas gary@mlbassoc.com
Thu Apr 9 14:32:00 GMT 2009

Vivek Rangi wrote:
> Hi Gary!
>      I am working on redboot for IMX27 board. I want ask that if I want
> to store my
> Redboot environment variables (Ipaddress, gateway, netmask, MAC Address
> etc.) using fconfig command, at a particular location in flash say
> 0xFE000000, then how can I do
> that? Is there any function or macro in redboot that I have to set?

Please use the eCos discussion list for questions.  Private support
is only available with a support contract from MLB Associates.

Currently there is no way to do exactly what you what you want.
You can put the FCONFIG data in a particular _erase block_ of
is a relative specification (either from the start or end of
your FLASH device)

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