[ECOS]Debugger fails when I add kernel support

Sergei Gavrikov sergei.gavrikov@gmail.com
Wed Apr 8 07:21:00 GMT 2009

On Tue, Apr 07, 2009 at 10:30:33PM +0200, Robert Brusa wrote:
> On Tue, 07 Apr 2009 18:05:29 +0200, Sergei Gavrikov  
> <sergei.gavrikov@gmail.com> wrote:
> <cut>
>> I'm sure that is not "arm_gnu" related, something is wrong witch eCos
>> configuration. Forget about own application. You have to make work two
>> famous eCos examples for your target: these are `twotreads' and `serial'
>> (see $ECOS_REPOSITORY/../examples). Twothreads is exactly that what you
>> need. First, it's hardy help using a `configtool' way. I'm sorry. BUT, I
>> will try. What's your target's name exactly?  (It seems I missed the
>> name). As I could understand you use ROM startup and the target has at
>> the least two serial ports.

<cut pastes>

>> Robert, only if you will manage `twothreads' then you will manage own
>> application.
>> Sergei
> Thanks a lot for your patience. I am really in a mess. The longer I play  
> around with configtool the worse it gets. And the frustrating thing is  
> that all my application worked using ecos.2 with gnu-elf toolchain. And  
> then I decided I had to use something newer. Since then I am hangling 
> from one problem to the next - and do not know why.....
> Anyway, I will give it a try with the twothreads and serial and follow 
> the path you outlined above. The (not so) funny thing is: These two 
> examples I actually used as my "primer" with ecos.2 - and they worked. 
> Hence back to field 1 :-(
>    Robert

Robert, you are not alone. A while ago I was configuring serial ports
for my project, and I had thoughts in those days: ECOS acronym stands
from Extra-Configurable OS :-) I did dance again with the options. I
remember what I _again_ forgot about some things. So, I decided to save
the ECMs for myself, e.g., I have FGETS.ECM, to manage input, on the
serial port, NONBLOCK.ECM, to manage an interrupt driven non-blocking
I/O, etc. Those are just the micro imports for ecosconfig.

I'd understood that if I do not work with eCos a few months I can quite
forget "important" things. I just remember: I managet it, it worked,
but, now it does not. It's pity, that eCos community has not own wiki.
I hope that in some day, someone will stand up it. We have alone
wellknown book and this discuss list (there are tons of the same of
questions and tons of the different answers in the list). The list is
just a gold for N.B. and for those who like me forgot something. eCos
documentation (IMHO) likes the man pages. How most of us (re)read man
pages? Scroll-down, scroll-down, scroll-down... Aha! I get it: 'Q'. 

Well, stop! The above likes a flame. I should confess that now I don't
use JTAG. From time to time I used a cheap parallel wiggler from Olimex
and OpenOCD JTAG. It works, but, I have not many advantages for my
target with it. The target has enough RAM. OpenOCD JTAG for me was: a
very few breakpoints, a wellknown "reset" problem, an absent support the
eCos threads. ... It was surprise for me when I discovered that I can
download a code with the modern (3.0) arm-eabi GDB and RedBoot set a
230400 bps baud rate. It works without any fails. I got download speed
into RAM exactly the same as I got with parallel wiggler and OpenOCD.

Some time ago, 0yvind Harboe said about an initiative:
But, AFAIK, OpenOCD does not support eCos threads still, may be I am

And yet another thing. Today, if I need to debug a skeleton of program
with serial connection, I use ecosynth serial driver from Savin Zlobec
and `nullmodem' from Juergen Rinas. This pair is here:
What's the nice pair! I found this method is a very useful way to debug:
no JTAG, no board, just eCos portable source. And then, at the end, all
should run on the target. Using it I successfully did stand up lwIP
SLIP, PDCurses on synthetic target (via synth serial), and then it did
work on my board. I have a small install script to set up the pair on
Linux host for the nowadays eCos. I can send the script, but, I don't
know what is your host (linux/cygwin)?

I just have a bit of free time in these days: time to play with eCos
again. I liked new eCos 3.0, and perhaps, I'll try the twothreads 3.0
with my old JTAG. It's just interesting, where the problem seat?


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