[ECOS] Re: Redboot networking problem

RONETIX - Ilko Iliev iliev@ronetix.at
Mon Apr 6 15:30:00 GMT 2009

Hello John,

John Dallaway wrote:
> Hi Ilko
> RONETIX - Ilko Iliev wrote:
>> I have a problem when I perform two http loads one after other (in
>> Redboot) - the second load put the RedBoot in an endless loop.
>> If there is a small delay between the both loads, then sometimes it works.
>> If the the first load is a http and the second load a tftp, then the
>> problem doesn't exist.
>> The endless loop is in tcp.c, __tcp_handler():
>>    for (prev = NULL, s = tcp_list; s; prev = s, s = s->next) {
>>        if (s->our_port == ntohs(tcp->dest_port)) {
>>        if (s->his_port == 0)
>> It loops forever because *s == s->next* and *s->our_port* and
>> *ntohs(tcp->dest_port)* differs with one.
>> Can somebody try this situation?
> Thank you for the report. This does sound like a bug. Are you using
> recent sources (such as eCos 3.0)? If not, could you verify that this
> issue exists with recent sources please? 
I tested with the latest eCos/Redboot.

> What type of file are you
> loading (ELF, SREC, raw) and how long is it? 
Raw format, the file length doesn't matter, I tested with small (200 
bytes) and large files (1.5MB).

> Which processor and
> ethernet part are you using?
ARM7, S3C4530A (KS32C5000).

> The best way to raise formal bug reports is via our Bugzilla system:
>   http://bugs.ecos.sourceware.org
> This helps to keep all information in one place and to ensure prompt
> investigation.
I will report the problem.

With best regards,
Ilko Iliev
Ronetix Development Tools GmbH
CPU Modules, JTAG/BDM Emulators and Flash Programmers
Waidhausenstrasse 13/5, 1140 Vienna, Austria
E-Mail: iliev@ronetix.at; Web: www.ronetix.at

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