[ECOS] running test cases

Sergei Gavrikov sergei.gavrikov@gmail.com
Sat Apr 4 14:52:00 GMT 2009

grahamlab wrote:
> Hello again
> I am running Umbunto on a pc through  VM Virtual box and targetting
> the STM3120E dev board.
> I have successfuly built and downloaded RedBoot using St's demo flash
> loader. I have verified that this is running by connecting
> hyperterminal to the dev board and seeing the RedBoot gdb prompt.
> I have then performed a default build of eCos for the dev board and
> then try to run gdb from the command line in the virtual machine.
> The command used to invoke gdb was 
> arm-eabi-gdb -nw DevBoard_install/tests/kernel/v3_0/tests/bin_sem0
> at the gdb prompt I type 
> set remotebaud 38400
> target remote /dev/ttyS0
> and get the output below

As I could understand you run GDB on VirtualBox, because your host OS !=
Linux. What's about the serial port settings? Be sure that there is not
set any flow control for the serial port. Use 'mode' command on the host
side and 'stty' on the guest side to check it. Can you download the same
executable in the RAM using X/Y/Z modem? Any virtual port is a something
different from the real one. First, be sure that you can upload a few
tens kilobytes on the target via virtual serial port, and then you can
dance with GDB. So, try RedBoot's `load' command and the HyperTerm's
`send file' ability to check a communication with the real serial port.
Then you can use the guest's `minicom' program to check that the virtual
serial port works as expected too. If you'll get the result, then try
GDB on the guest again.


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