[ECOS] Mounting a FAT filesystem

Eduardo Sabaj esabaj@gmail.com
Fri Apr 3 15:58:00 GMT 2009

I enabled the debuggers in ide_disk.c. Now I see that the driver can
read the following information from the disk in function

Firmware rev. : NDBA418J
           Model :   128MB NANDrive
           C/H/S : 977/8/32
             Kind : 4

However, the following "if" condition is the one which is rejecting the disk.

ide_disk_init ()

    if (((ide_idData->general_conf>>8)&0x1f)!=2) {
        diag_printf("IDE device %d:%d is not a hard disk!\n",
                    info->port, info->chan);
        return false;

The value of "ide_idData->general_conf>>8)&0x1f" is the same as Kind
(printed above), So it expects a value of 2 while the value that is
reading is 4. Could anyone tell me which is the incompatibility here?


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