[ECOS] [eCos] Requesting guide to create/add new Protocol Family stack into Socket Layer Interface

Andrew Lunn andrew@lunn.ch
Mon Nov 24 15:13:00 GMT 2008

> I'm a bit confused with the definition of "new domain" here.
> What can be an example of adding a new "domain"?
> For example, is the addition of CAN protocol (PF_CAN) to the Socket
> API layer used in Linux consider as "adding a new domain" ?

IPv4 is a domain
IPv6 is a domain
PF_CAN would be a domain

> Before the socket() call can walk the list calling the socket()
> function in each of these network stack, where does the individual
> network stack start its initialization and registration/add itself
> into the cyg_nstab[] table before the cyg_nstab_init() is run?


> What are the difference between taking either of the two ways you mentioned?

A lot would depend on the structure of your existing code. I would
spend a little time examining both and then decide which was the most
appropriate way forward. I would also get hold of some books, eg
Stevens on the Implementation of TCP/IP. You need this sort of
background knowledge to help you with your implementation.


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