[ECOS] Re: Re: [OT] SATA/SAS Chip attached to an AT91SAM9RL64 + Drivers?

Zimman, Chris czimman@bloomberg.com
Fri Nov 21 06:36:00 GMT 2008

> Hmmm the one from Oxford Semiconductors is based on ARM.

Yes, but all it does is control functionality.  I very much doubt the ARM is
involved in actual bulk transport.

> I do not think 50000-100000 Computers are a small thing...
> I have already problems to get 10000 AT91SAM9G20...  20 weeks lead
> time.

For semiconductor volumes, 50-100K is nothing.  If you place an order, I'm
sure that 20 weeks will come in by a lot.
No one is going to do a fab run just for 10K pieces.  Just at a guess, that's
probably no more than 3 wafers max.

> I know the specs...  I have all here and read.  I have already build
> my own PCI-SATA controller using a SIL and it works perfectly.

I don't understand why you seem so surprised about NDAs for data sheets then
and why you're trying 
to build a multiport SATA controller using microcontrollers that only support
USB FS anyway running 
an RTOS that has no support for any of the things that you need.

I apologize sincerely if I'm missing something here, but the entire thread so
far has had a distinct
"I've never done this before" ring to it.


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