[ECOS] Re: [OT] SATA/SAS Chip attached to an AT91SAM9RL64 + Drivers?

Zimman, Chris czimman@bloomberg.com
Thu Nov 20 18:34:00 GMT 2008

> Yes, since I need one, which can be easyly integrated in eCos because
> I can not use Linux for it...  (requires more then 8 MByte of Flash)

eCos is probably not a good fit for this type of application.  Neither are
most microcontrollers.
The data rates involved exceed the capabilities of most.

Linux and something like the Orion family from Marvell would be a much better
match.  Marvell isn't going to support a hobbyist or small scale project
But designing a PCB w/ multiport SATA interconnects is also non-trivial since
it requires length matched diff pairs for the SATA lines and controlled


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