[ECOS] [OT] SATA/SAS Chip attached to an AT91SAM9RL64 + Drivers?

Zimman, Chris czimman@bloomberg.com
Thu Nov 20 15:23:00 GMT 2008

> we have the need to attach 2-4 SAS drives (e.g. Seagate  ST373455SS)
> to an (maybe) AT91SAM9RL64 (it has 118 I/O) and while searching to
> death, I now ask here, if someone know a manufacturer of  SATA/SAS
> µChips  which can easyly attached?
> Speed is no problem, we need only ultra reliable storage and Low-
> Energy.
> Most Chips I have found are PCI based which I definitively can not use.
> OR what about USB-SATA µChips?
> The AT91SAM9R64 (is cheaper and only 49 I/O) has  a  USB 2.0  High-
> Speed controler, if I attach a USB-Hub chip (NXP?) to it and then 2-4
> of those USB/SATA converter?
> Then I need to know, where to get those USB/SATA Converter chips!
> I should note, that the WHOLE PCB can not be bigger then a 2"5 drive.

Are you sure you sent this to the right list?  This isn't really a list for
EE/PCB design although there is some crossover on occasion.
There are literally tons of multi port SATA controllers out there.

Maybe one of these can help you:



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