[ECOS] Re:Re: free GUI for eCOS

abhishek srivastava just_abhi22@yahoo.co.in
Wed Nov 19 10:35:00 GMT 2008

thanks for ur reply
we,, actually i just need to build a system where i have to display the signal onto graphical LCD.
i am getting my signal from some source and i need to pass that via ARM board that would contain ecos onto it, so that signal need to be in real time.
any slight variation in the signal say its amplitude, wud raise alarm. all that to be done in rel time. 
now for adjusting my deisred amplitude range, i need a button over the LCD, which would contain drop down menu. again that signal needed to be displayed onto some time versus say,voltage axis, thus i need a background for signal onto which it wud run. and some space which i could use for some alpha-numeric display. that's all!!
do u think this much application along with ecos necessary footprint can be ported onto 32k RAM and 512K flash.
cant we use flash for our work or cud increase RAM externally?? is tht possible??
find some time to think over and reply back to me!

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