[ECOS] free GUI for ecos

Simon Kallweit simon.kallweit@intefo.ch
Wed Nov 19 10:04:00 GMT 2008


As I read in your previous mail you only got 32k RAM on your board, and 
that's very limited! Can you be a bit more specific about "GUI 
capabilities". What do you need? Depending on how much time you got, and 
how much functionality you really need, it might make sense to wrap 
something up yourself. I have programmed multiple GUI libraries for 
different systems in the past, as there never was the "perfect match". I 
started a new GUI system about a year ago, primarily with small displays 
and touch interface in mind (think 320x240 up to 640x480). I don't have 
time to work on the system right now, but if you want I could open a 
project on sourceforge and commit what I already have.


abhishek srivastava wrote:
> sir,
> i need to port ecos onto ARM7TDMI-S processor along with some GUI capabilities, so that i could make my display on graphical LCD a bit more good, and using some buttons and text for describing abt the signal that needed to be displayed on LCD.
> now can i have any free GUI for ecos?? or i have no other option but to purchase PEG+ or C/PEG GUI!!
> plz help me. being a student, i dont have any funds to spare for GUI purchase.
> if u know, could u tell me the pricing of C/PEG and PEG++ and what support i would get, if somehow i could manage to do so?
> else what other options do i have.
> thanks for your time
> hope to get q quick response
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