[ECOS] free GUI for ecos

abhishek srivastava just_abhi22@yahoo.co.in
Wed Nov 19 09:46:00 GMT 2008

i need to port ecos onto ARM7TDMI-S processor along with some GUI capabilities, so that i could make my display on graphical LCD a bit more good, and using some buttons and text for describing abt the signal that needed to be displayed on LCD.
now can i have any free GUI for ecos?? or i have no other option but to purchase PEG+ or C/PEG GUI!!
plz help me. being a student, i dont have any funds to spare for GUI purchase.
if u know, could u tell me the pricing of C/PEG and PEG++ and what support i would get, if somehow i could manage to do so?
else what other options do i have.
thanks for your time
hope to get q quick response

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