[ECOS] How to separate the embedded binary in 2 binaries to separate driver source and application source

Emmanuel Coullien coullien.emmanuel@gmail.com
Mon Nov 17 16:32:00 GMT 2008


On my eCos project, I would like to separate the final binary in 2
ways on the board: one for the application and an other binary for
flash and I2C drivers.
The goal is to avoid to change the application binary when we have to
update our hardware with a bigger flash or a different I2C.
So that, we can keep the same application (we don't need to retest
all) and we change only the driver binary that we can test separately.

My questions is :
1) How is possible to get two binary with the eCos development tools
(For example is it possible to use REGIONs to tell the application
where are flash or I2C drivers) ?
2) Is someone have ever done a such"driver binary" or have ever
separate the binary in two way in the eCos development process and
call functions from the application which are in an other binary ?

Thank you,

Emmanuel Coullien

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