[ECOS] Ecos on the Technologic Systems - TS7300

Austin, Brian Brian.Austin@cirrus.com
Sat Nov 15 01:14:00 GMT 2008

What do you guys need me to do to release the code?

Add copyright notices to all the files I patch?

Push it into a GIT tree?

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Gary Thomas wrote:
> Austin, Brian wrote:
>> Yes.
> Please don't top-post :-(
>> Have you tried building for an EP9302?
> He'd have to get the eCos sources from Cirrus Logic.  James, have
> you explored this?
> Also, can you get the sources to TSBOOT?  That would help your
> cause quite a lot.
>> Did it build ok?
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>> Subject: [ECOS] Ecos on the Technologic Systems - TS7300
>> Hi all,
>> I'm interested in getting ecos running on the TS7300 SBC, although it
>> currently looks like this board is unsupported.  So without getting
>> too far into the ecos code to port it i've been compiling redboot
>> using several configs, one for TS7250 and more generic configs based
>> around the Cirrus logic EP9302 arm.
>> Has anyone managed to get ecos/redboot running on this SBC or even
>> EP9302?
>> I'm interested in getting redboot on this board as it currently only
>> has TSBOOT, a very limited bootloader supplied by TS.  I have however
>> been using TSBOOT to load redboot into ram and executing it from
>> there.
>> This board lacks JTAG or any other ICE interface so i guess my main
>> priority at the moment it to get some output from COM1 for debugging.
>> Any help would be much appreciated.
>> Regards,
>> James Bewley
I got a port (minus Ethernet, which I didn't need) on the TS-7200 when 
it first appeared around 4 yrs ago. The lack of JTAG makes it a little 
painful, but it's do-able. That board used Redboot, so there was a good 
starting point. Contact Technologic to see if they ported Redboot before

switching to the Linux quick-boot. If not, compare the Redboot ports for

the other Technologic boards to see how their hardware tends to differ 
from the Cirrus eval board(s).

I couldn't submit my port because it was based on the Technologic code, 
which was based on the Cirrus code. I tried to rally Cirrus to submit 
their port, but got no response.  I eventually just handed my port to 
Technologic, hoping they could resolve it. I gather Cirrus made 
significant improvements to their port in the intervening years.

But Brian Austin works for Cirrus. Right? Any news, Brian?

- Frank

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