[ECOS] Ecos on the Technologic Systems - TS7300

Gary Thomas gary@mlbassoc.com
Fri Nov 14 19:38:00 GMT 2008

Austin, Brian wrote:
> We have no IP that we are holding onto.
> The code is there and available for anyone to pickup and maintain.
> Cirrus Logic does not support their ARM9/ARM7's anymore as far a Linux
> goes.

The problem is that we can't merge this into the eCos repository
unless Cirrus _assigns copyright_ to any changes/additions they
have made.  Without that, it has to remain as just a patch, outside
of the main tree.

> Sorry Guys,
> I moved to another department and am out of the loop of the ARM code for
> Linux.
> Brian
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> hartleys wrote:
>> On Friday, November 14, 2008 11:11 AM, James Bewley wrote:
>>> Hi all,
>>> I'm interested in getting ecos running on the TS7300 SBC,
>>> although it currently looks like this board is unsupported.
>>> So without getting too far into the ecos code to port it
>>> i've been compiling redboot using several configs, one for
>>> TS7250 and more generic configs based around the Cirrus
>>> logic EP9302 arm.
>>> Has anyone managed to get ecos/redboot running on this SBC
>>> or even the EP9302?
>> I have ecos/redboot running on an EP9307 based board using the ep93xx
>> port found on the Cirrus Logic website.
>> The patch can be found in the "crater" release they put out. You can
> get
>> the source at:
> http://arm.cirrus.com/files/linux/releases/linux-2.6/1.0.3/linux_1-0-3-s
>> rc.tar.bz2
>> That tarball consists of a really crippled buildroot with only some of
>> the packages that buildroot has. In it under
> ./packages/bootloader/ecos
>> you will find the ecos-edb93xx.patch. Ignore the other patches, they
> are
>> not really necessary and the ecos-flashP30.patch doesn't work
> correctly.
>> I'm not sure where the edb93xx support originated from but the main
>> "Author(s)" listed in the patch are: gthomas, hmt, nickg, and jskov.
> Basically this is the list [many] of the original eCos creators,
> going back to 1998 or so.  AFAIK none of them had anything to do
> with the Cirrus patch for the EP93xx
>>> I'm interested in getting redboot on this board as it currently
>>> only has TSBOOT, a very limited bootloader supplied by TS.  I
>>> have however been using TSBOOT to load redboot into ram and
>>> executing it from there.
>> The edb93xx patch above might not be totally complete but it does boot
>> RedBoot and executes Linux with no problems on my hardware.
>>> This board lacks JTAG or any other ICE interface so i guess my
>>> main priority at the moment it to get some output from COM1 for
>>> debugging.
>> UART1 support is there along with Ethernet and Flash support. The
> stubs
>> appear to be there for UART2 and UART3 but I have not had a chance to
>> figure out what is needed to get them to work.
>>> Any help would be much appreciated.
>> I really would like to see the ep93xx supported in the cvs. If there
> is
>> anything I can do to help let me know.
> Talk to Cirrus - it's up to them to bring the port/patch to
> the project (they own the IP).  To date, they've never been
> interested in assigning their work to the eCos project.  Maybe
> this will change, now that the eCos copyright is held by the
> FSF and not Red Hat.

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