[ECOS] Ecos on the Technologic Systems - TS7300

Austin, Brian Brian.Austin@cirrus.com
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Patch for Ecos using this version of Ecos source.


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Austin, Brian wrote:
> Yes.

Please don't top-post :-(

> Have you tried building for an EP9302?

He'd have to get the eCos sources from Cirrus Logic.  James, have
you explored this?

Also, can you get the sources to TSBOOT?  That would help your
cause quite a lot.

> Did it build ok?
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> Hi all,
> I'm interested in getting ecos running on the TS7300 SBC, although it
> currently looks like this board is unsupported.  So without getting
> too far into the ecos code to port it i've been compiling redboot
> using several configs, one for TS7250 and more generic configs based
> around the Cirrus logic EP9302 arm.
> Has anyone managed to get ecos/redboot running on this SBC or even the
> EP9302?
> I'm interested in getting redboot on this board as it currently only
> has TSBOOT, a very limited bootloader supplied by TS.  I have however
> been using TSBOOT to load redboot into ram and executing it from
> there.
> This board lacks JTAG or any other ICE interface so i guess my main
> priority at the moment it to get some output from COM1 for debugging.
> Any help would be much appreciated.
> Regards,
> James Bewley

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