[ECOS] CDL and makefile output

Jesper Skov jskov@zoftcorp.dk
Thu Nov 13 01:00:00 GMT 2008

I am looking for a way to replace the below in hal.cdl:

    make -priority 250 {
        <PREFIX>/lib/extras.o: <PREFIX>/lib/libextras.a
        $(CC) $(CFLAGS) -nostdlib -Wl,-r -Wl,--whole-archive -o $@ $<

with something along the lines of:

--- hal.cdl	(revision 25)
+++ hal.cdl	(working copy)
@@ -71,10 +71,21 @@

     make -priority 250 {
         <PREFIX>/lib/extras.o: <PREFIX>/lib/libextras.a
-        $(CC) $(CFLAGS) -nostdlib -Wl,-r -Wl,--whole-archive -o $@ $<
+        $(CC) $(CFLAGS) $(EXTRAS_LDFLAGS) -o $@ $<

+        cdl_option CYGBLD_GLOBAL_EXTRAS_LDFLAGS {
+            display "Extras.o linker flags"
+            flavor  data
+            no_define
+            default_value { "-nostdlib -Wl,-r -Wl,--whole-archive" }
+            description   "
+                This option controls the extras.o linker flags. Individual
+                packages may define options which override these global flags."
+        }

So I can modify the EXTRAS_LDFLAGS in a platform HAL.

Unfortunately, as far as I remember, CDL doesn't allow CDL values to
expanded in the make section. And I couldn't find anything to that
effect in the documentation or in the existing CDL files, so I figure
not much changed in this regard in the past 6 years. Or am I wrong?

Suggestions for alternative ways of handling this obviously accepted :)


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