[ECOS] ecos.db clean up

Lars Poeschel larsi@wh2.tu-dresden.de
Tue Nov 11 14:29:00 GMT 2008

> Does anyone know what happened to CYGPKG_HAL_FR30_MB91360 and
> CYGPKG_HAL_FR30_MB91360_PHYTEC91F364G? They are listed in ecos.db but
> are not present in the eCos repository. I intend to remove these  
> package
> records shortly.

These packages are save to remove. I have a local working copy here of  
this port, but it is not ready for including it into cvs (and propobly  
will never get ready). It must have found a way into cvs during my  
contribution of the MB91302 port. Andrew also noticed that, I thought  
he removed it already.



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