[ECOS] [OT] ...since eCos or Linux does not run on it

Sergei Gavrikov sergei.gavrikov@gmail.com
Fri Nov 7 16:26:00 GMT 2008

Michelle Konzack writes:
> Hello,
> I have programmed my first Microcontroller in 1982 with 14 years and  it
> was a 8038 and then later the 8049.
> Now I have to do some "simple" jobs where even the smallest SAM7  is  to
> expensive and overkill.  But over the time I have many things  forgotten
> about the 8051 and now I am searching for a MAILINGLIST...

I hope that you won't plan code in assemly today (even for 8051 cores)
take a look on SDCC (Small Device C Compiler) lists. I see that you stay
on Linux. The SDCC can become your favorite resource (just write in C for
Intel 8051, Microchip PIC16 and PIC18, Zilog Z80, Motorola 68HC08.)

So, I would suggest a link, it is http://sdcc.sourceforge.net:

The next one would be sdccokr.dl9sec.de, and it's possible www.8052.com.

Happy coding,



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