[ECOS] How to modifiy the hal_platform_setup.h

Zaahir kn.zahirkhan@gmail.com
Thu Nov 6 15:48:00 GMT 2008


I am new to RedBoot.

Don't know is this the right place to post my quries.


I am using customised iMx27ADS board.

1>    I want to modifiy   platform_setup.h is this the right place

2> I had commented some of the functions in this file , compiled & 
downloaded the elf file to target.

      using  Jtag OPENiceEDS.

    I got the commented functions still there. Than I compiled the 
complete blank file with same name.

Checked through Jtag in Debug view window got same functions getting 
executed (mentioned below  with address)

A7F00108                     reset_vector
A7F00118                     init_aipi_start
A7F00160                     init_max_start
A7F0018C                     init_drive_str
A7F001B0                     init_cs4_start

All this funtions in the above address came from ../../platform_setup.h 
file or else where?
How to modify platform_setup.h file?

Please help !!!!!

Thanks & regards,

Zaahir Khan

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