[ECOS] Re: Migrating away from CVS

Grant Edwards grante@visi.com
Wed Nov 5 05:39:00 GMT 2008

On 2008-11-04, Andy Jackson <andy@xylanta.com> wrote:

>>>> Nobody I know cares about the configtool.  Does anybody who's
>>>> working on a real eCos project (e.g. not something for school
>>>> or evaluation purposes) use the graphical tool?
>>> Yes, I do.
>> I do, too.
> Me too and the whole lets knock ConfigTool because its not
> used by 'real programmers' is getting really tired

I wasn't knocking it.  I was just wondering if anybody used it.
My impression was that it never really worked well and had
mostly been abandoned because nobody stepped up to maintain it.
One implication of that would be that there just weren't really
any users left.


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