[ECOS] Cortex M3 interrupt handling & context switching

simon.kallweit@intefo.ch simon.kallweit@intefo.ch
Mon Nov 3 14:55:00 GMT 2008

Remko Tronçon wrote:
> Hi Simon,
>>  Any ideas why this could fail? I can give more details on the implementation if necessary.
> I'm not sure if this is of help in any way, but I was playing around
> with eCos 2.0 a few weeks ago on a (virtual) ARM7TDMI board. When
> trying the unadapted application on a (virtual) Cortex R4, some
> problems arose due to restartable instructions. An LDM instruction
> that adapted the SP was interrupted, the interrupt handler modified
> SP, and when restarting the LDM instruction, the adapted SP was used
> again, which resulted in a bad stack frame pop. I should check if the
> problem persists in eCos CVS, and maybe investigate a bit further.

Thanks for the pointers. The Cortex R4 is as far as I know pretty 
different from the M1/M3 architectures. Anyway, I have a solution now, 
which seems to work *fingers crossed*. At least my serial driver now 
seems to be stable and all serial tests passed multiple times. There 
were two bugs in the existing code. The first problem was that the 
cyg_scheduler_sched_lock counter went out of control under some 
circumstances, which of course then prevented any further context 
switching. The other problem was mangling with the system handler 
register. I still have the two possible exception call path's to do a 
context switch (the first being PendSV->SVC then second being 
Thread->SVC). When restoring the system handler register I only change 
the relevant bits (SHCSR_SVCALLACT and SHCSR_PENDSVACT). This does 
prevent unwanted interrupt masking and seems to work so far. I'm still 
unsure if my approach is correct and stable, only further testing will 
show. Also I'm still eager to see ecoscentric's solution, they might 
have a better more correct solution :)

Anyway, things are shaping up. If anyone is still interested in the 
port, let me know. I'll switch to mercurial repositories in the near 
future, until then all source is still available on the inthemill SVN.


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