[ECOS] [Redboot] USB configuration in redboot (version redboot_200732) to make IMX31 ADS as USB client.

Frank Pagliughi fpagliughi@mindspring.com
Fri May 30 15:34:00 GMT 2008

praveen koduru wrote:
> Dear Frank,
>      I Have added USB slave device driver & Common USB slave USB
> pakage to configuration. and when I make, in build/usb directory i am
> able to find io_usb_slave_usbs.o , usbs.o.d , libtarget.a.deps ,
> libtarget.a.stamp files . I have downloaded the Redboot.bin through
> TFTP to my board and once i got the Redboot prompt in minicom running
> on Linux host, I have connected USB slave port to Windows Test PC. but
> nothing was detected.
> Frank,
>  Can u please tell,
> How to add USB descriptors to your Redboot build?
> How to make USB device to be polled?
> Thank you very much for the time.
You have to program those things in yourself. There are no more 
configuration options to set, and unfortunately, there aren't any good 
examples in the eCos sources. What you need at this point is a more 
basic look at USB itself, and then you need to decide how Redboot will 
present itself to the host (as a serial device, a mass-storage device, 
etc), and how the host will talk to the device. Google for some USB 

For general questions on USB, try the developer's forum on usb.org:

The eCos reference manual describes the USB slave API's that are 
specific to eCos.


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