[ECOS] [Redboot] USB configuration in redboot (version redboot_200732) to make IMX31 ADS as USB client.

praveen koduru prawin.chowdary@gmail.com
Fri May 30 03:54:00 GMT 2008

Dear Frank,
     I Have added USB slave device driver & Common USB slave USB
pakage to configuration. and when I make, in build/usb directory i am
able to find io_usb_slave_usbs.o , usbs.o.d , libtarget.a.deps ,
libtarget.a.stamp files . I have downloaded the Redboot.bin through
TFTP to my board and once i got the Redboot prompt in minicom running
on Linux host, I have connected USB slave port to Windows Test PC. but
nothing was detected.

 Can u please tell,
How to add USB descriptors to your Redboot build?
How to make USB device to be polled?

Thank you very much for the time.

On 5/30/08, Frank Pagliughi <fpagliughi@mindspring.com> wrote:
> praveen koduru wrote:
>> Hai,
>>  I am using Redboot on imx31 ADS board (ARM11 core), which has USB
>> host and USb slave support. The board has to be detected as USB slave
>> when it is connected to host (typically PC) through USB slave port in
>> bootloader stage itself, without OS i.e. we need to achieve USB client
>> detection in bootloader stage itself. Can you pls let me know what are
>> the configuration changes I need to make so as to achieve this.
>>  I have observed that SA111x0 cdl's has each and every endpoint
>> defined and i dint find the same in mx31ads cdl.  I am currently using
>> redboot version redboot_200732. I am a new bie to Redboot & ecos.
>> Please Help
>> Thanks a lot for the time.
> What are you trying to do? You want to add USB slave support to Redboot?
> You would need to write a USB (slave) device driver for your board, add
> it and the generic USB slave package to your configuration, and then add
> USB descriptors to your Redboot build.  For Redboot, I think you might
> also have to make sure your USB device is polled.
> Frank

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