[ECOS] [Redboot] USB configuration in redboot (version redboot_200732) to make IMX31 ADS as USB client.

praveen koduru prawin.chowdary@gmail.com
Thu May 29 08:09:00 GMT 2008

 I am using Redboot on imx31 ADS board (ARM11 core), which has USB
host and USb slave support. The board has to be detected as USB slave
when it is connected to host (typically PC) through USB slave port in
bootloader stage itself, without OS i.e. we need to achieve USB client
detection in bootloader stage itself. Can you pls let me know what are
the configuration changes I need to make so as to achieve this.
 I have observed that SA111x0 cdl's has each and every endpoint
defined and i dint find the same in mx31ads cdl.  I am currently using
redboot version redboot_200732. I am a new bie to Redboot & ecos.

Please Help

Thanks a lot for the time.

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