[ECOS] Configtool setting for a prebuilt gnu toolchain

Sangeeta Ghangam sghangam@marvell.com
Thu May 15 16:15:00 GMT 2008

I am using a prebuilt gnu toolchain for arm , based on gcc4.2.3, I downloaded it from codesourcery.com ( for general arm-eabi target, and the tools are running on a windows host). This toolchain is not dependent on cygwin, I set the path in the configtool as C:\armtools\bin. Codesourcery  suggested using cygpath for conversion, even though I set the correct variables, the .deps file that gets generated during build calls the std library routines as 'C:\armtools\bin../lib/gcc/4.2.3/include/stddef.h' instead of 
'/ecos-c/armtools/bin../lib/gcc/4.2.3/include/stddef.h', as a result I get an error saying 'Multiple target pattern error' which indicates to the former line. Please let me know of any way to convert the windows path to the posix path, is there any setting that I am missing?

Sangeeta Ghangam
SoC -Virtual Platform Modeling Group 
Chandler, AZ.
phone: (480)612-9708
email: sghangam@marvell.com

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