[ECOS] Re: Gary, could you give me some suggestions?

Gary Thomas gary@mlbassoc.com
Tue May 13 02:29:00 GMT 2008

fisher.zhu@gmail.com wrote:
> Gary, I am doing the same work with taiyun mentioned in the below link.
> http://www.nabble.com/Re%3A-eCos-with-arm-eabi-compiler-p12628387.html
> But there is no more detailed information about how to solve the problem. Could you help me?
> I did the following work:
> I use arm-none-eabi-ld --verbose and arm-elf-ld --verbose to print the detailed link script for comparison, and I also read the arm.ld of redboot in \src\hal\arm\arch\current\src. 
> I found after compiling with arm eabi tool chain, there is no ARM.exidex and ARM.extab in the generated target.ld. I edited target.ld and then make again. I get a redboot.elf. However, after I dumped the info of redboot.elf generated by arm-eabi. I found that __CTOR_LIST__ ,__CTOR_END__, __DTOR_LIST__, and __DTOR_END__ have the same pointer. It means that the constructors and destructors of redboot don't be compiled correctly. 
> could you give me more suggestions? I am a newbie in embedded linux. 

First of all, this email should go to the eCos lists [CC'd] so that
all benefit - I only reply to private emails to those customers
that have a support contract [contact me if you want one!]

The fact that the CTOR and DTOR lists are empty is not surprising
since these are for C++ constructors and RedBoot does not use
any C++ classes/functions.

If you want to use the arm-eabi compiler (not recommended - why
not just use the arm-elf tool? choose the right tool for the job!),
I think there have been more discussions after the message you
quoted (and indeed, my reply only told the original poster how
to carry on, I did not actually address any of these issues)

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