[ECOS] TCP/IP on Olimex - sam7-ex256

Ormund Williams ormundw@panix.com
Sun May 11 15:36:00 GMT 2008

On Sun, 2008-05-11 at 15:12 +0200, Andrew Lunn wrote:
> I know of people who have used lwip on this device. 
> The LWIP stack has lots of configuration options which will affect
> memory usage. Do you need TCP? No, then remove it. How many TCP
> connections do you need? Change CYGNUM_LWIP_MEMP_NUM_TCP_PCB etc.
Actually I don't need TCP, UDP is enough.  I haven't used eCos in a
while so I'm still clearing the cobwebs.  I know lwIP works on this
device I ran the FreeRTOS demo so I'll dig in.

> What i sometimes do in situations like this is edit the linker script,
> target.ld, to give it more memory than there actually is, just so that
> it will link. Then use arm-elf-nm or arm-elf-objdump --syms to look at
> the size of the symbols. Find the big ones and try to optimize
> them. Often the symbols causing the problem are not where you expect
> them.
Great tip, I'll try that.


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