[ECOS] Consolidation of MPC555 serial drivers

Steven Clugston steven.clugston@newcastle.ac.uk
Tue May 6 09:16:00 GMT 2008

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>On Fri, May 02, 2008 at 09:58:09AM +0100, Steven Clugston wrote:
>> I would like to try to resolve some issues with the ec555 and cme555 
>> serial driver.
>Just to be sure... We are talking about the interrupt driver serial
>packages/devs/serial/powerpc/cme555 and 
>> If I was to create a patch to create a generic mpc555 out of the 
>> existing drivers in cvs, is there any chance that this would be 
>> accepted into cvs?
>I think all that is needed is small changes to the active_if 
>of one of the drivers and remove the other. 
>> If so, where do I post the patch, to this list?
>ecos-patches would be better. 
>For something this simple we should not need a copyright 
>assignment. However if you then want to submit patches to fix 
>problems you then probably do need an assignment with FSF. 
>Please take a look at:
>        Andrew

I propose that the cdl should be changed from:

active_if     CYGPKG_HAL_POWERPC_CME555


active_if     CYGPKG_HAL_POWERPC_MPC5xx

Technically it's an mpc555 driver and not an mpc5xx driver, but (as far
as I have noticed) there are no other targets like mpc505 or mpc565 in
the source tree yet.

Also every reference to cme555/ec555 should be changed/refactored to
mpc555 and the files:


Should be renamed to:


The corresponding ec555 files woud need removing and all cdl references
updating in ser_powerpc_cme555.cdl, ser_powerpc_ec555.cdl and ecos.db.
I think just keeping one driver and deleting the other introduces
unnecessary confusion using the cme555 driver for the ec555 board etc.

I hope as there would be no new code or functionality there would not
need to be a copyright assignment just for this?


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