[ECOS] Re: redboot, slow upload, load -v -m ymodem failures for >150k binaries

Frank Lin franklin373@gmail.com
Mon May 5 05:32:00 GMT 2008

Latter is an archive mail, now I got the same problem, anyone got resolution on it?

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> Hello, 
> I'm trying to prepare application for EB42 board, unfortunatelly using ROM
> redboot I found that it work way slower than it's RAM counterpart ( I had
> to change speed from 38400 to 9600 to be able to upload anything ).
> Changing speed to 9600 fixed the problem for a while, but after I compiled
> in few options (lwip for example) my binaries grew in size, and now they're
> ~170-230k. That wouldn't be a big problem, because the board has 256k RAM,
> but I'm unable to upload those binaries to the board using RedBoot, errors
> appear after 160-200k of sent data ( using ymodem method ).
> This is extreme example, here's hello world:
> [ymodem upload - Press CTRL-C to quit]             
> Sending: hello.srec                                           
> Bytes Sent: 161664   BPS:765                                  
> RedBoot>  Transfer complete                                             
> RedBoot>                                                                
> Here's the same code with stack +4096 bytes larger:
> arm-elf-size hello.srec:
> text    data     bss     dec     hex filename
>       0   53860       0   53860    d264 hello.srec
> it's uploading fine for a few minutes:
> Sending: hello.srec                                           
> Ymodem sectors/kbytes sent: 615/76k   
> but then, it goes: 
> Retry 0: NAK on sector                                        
> Retry 0: Got 29 for sector ACK                                
> RedBoot>  Retry 0: NAK on sector                                        
> ** Error: Retry 0: Got 44 for sector ACK                                
> RedBoot>  Retry 0: NAK on sector                                        
> RedBoot>  Retry 0: Got 44 for sector ACK   
> It happens every time with 'larger' binaries, it happens once in a while
> for smaller ones, but then I just retry and all is well.
> When I revert to Angel boot loader, and upload binaries using arm-elf-gdb,
> all is well, and I can upload even ~200k execs, but then when I try to run
> them they just stand still.
> What should I do? Is there some known problem with redboot? Should I
> attempt to fix it or maybe just fall back on angel? 
> What should I do to be able to create angel/standalone eCos binaries?
> -- 
> Dariush Pietrzak,

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