[ECOS] guidnace needed on steps to build your own embedded linux device?

badeguruji badeguruji@yahoo.com
Thu May 1 19:51:00 GMT 2008


what do i need to build my own embedded linux device? how does one go about it?
is redboot and ecos a complete system?

As an example:
Has anyone here on the forum worked with/used Freecom FSG gateway? If yes, would you please help me understand  how does one goes about building such a device? what comes first and in what order? what established companies like processor manufacturer  / [you gys eCos and Redbbot] can do and what user has to do?

mainboard: readymade by intel?<who else makes them?>
main_processor? intel / arm ?
video processor? <which> / <what are the possiblities>
sound processor?
other adapters like sata/e-sata/usb/wlan etc. <is this hardware seperate or onboard?>

If you have a better example can you please help me understand using that?

with warm regards.

*developer level: novice

~~aapka kalyan ho~~

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