[ECOS] Mixed use of delete with malloc in fclose

Guenter Ebermann guenter.ebermann@gmx.at
Fri Jun 27 09:02:00 GMT 2008

Hi All,

During searching a bug in our firmware (which was not related to ecos)
I stumbled accross this minor inconsitency (which does not have an effect
in our setup because the operator delete in libsupc++ of our gcc uses
free internally):

In packages/language/c/libc/stdio/current/src/common/fopen.cxx
line 172 (in Revision 1.9 - HEAD) memory is alloced with malloc and object is
constructed with placement new:

    // Allocate it some memory and construct it.
    curr_stream = (Cyg_StdioStream *)malloc(sizeof(*curr_stream));
    if (curr_stream == NULL) {
        cyg_stdio_close( dev );
        errno = ENOMEM;
        return NULL;
    } // if

    curr_stream = new ((void *)curr_stream) Cyg_StdioStream( dev, open_mode,
                                                             append, binary,
                                                             bufmode, bufsize );

But fclose frees memory useing delete (if it not overwritten with empty stubs).
Please not that the (void *) cast at the new statement is also useless.
For a proposed patch please see the attachment.


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